Very Large Scale Integration Lab

The VLSI Design and Automation Lab is dedicated to groundbreaking research in Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI), fostering collaboration between industry and academia for innovation. Equipped with cutting-edge hardware and EDA tools, it explores device modeling, simulation, and advanced VLSI design. Serving as a catalyst for progress, it merges academic exploration with real-world applications, contributing to VLSI technology evolution. We ensure alignment with the regulations and standards set forth by the Government of India.

Edusphere's Strengths

Advanced Equipment

Latest tools for circuit design and testing, including EDA software and FPGA boards.

Design Environment

Access to industry-standard software for ASIC and FPGA design.

Research Opportunities

Faculty and student research in digital and low-power design, with industry collaborations.


Regular sessions in HDL programming and design methodologies

Overall, the VLSI Lab at JIIT prepares engineers for semiconductor technology with hands-on experience and research opportunities.