Ramanujan Universe

Introducing the Ramanujan Universe, a pioneering leap in computational technology jointly developed by Jaypee Edusphere and Dell. Designed to revolutionize engineering education and corporate innovation within India, the Ramanujan Universe promises to accelerate complex computations, paving the way for groundbreaking advancements in AI, data analysis, and robotics. Embracing collaboration and forward-thinking, the Ramanujan Universe invites stakeholders to embark on a journey of shaping the future of engineering and corporate innovation.

  • Processing Power: The system features eight A100 GPU cards and six compute nodes, delivering significant computational capabilities with over 3500 GB of RAM.

  • Collaboration: The project was developed in collaboration with Dell, leveraging their expertise and resources to bring the Ramanujan Universe to fruition.

  • Application Areas: The Ramanujan Universe accelerates complex computations, revolutionizes engineering education, and fuels corporate innovation in India.

  • Advancements Enabled: The Ramanujan Universe enables advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), data analysis, and robotics.

  • Global Leadership: This positions India and Jaypee Universities as global leaders in education and industrial solutions.

Edusphere's Strengths

Cutting-edge Supercomputing

The Ramanujan Universe offers state-of-the-art technology for complex tasks and simulations.

Enhanced Computational Power

With over 3500 GB of RAM, users efficiently handle large datasets and computing tasks.

Global Leadership

The Ramanujan Universe positions India and Jaypee Universities as global leaders in advancing science and technology.