Research, Innovation, Development, and Entrepreneurship

The establishment of the RIDE (Research, Innovation, Development, and Entrepreneurship) Innovation Hub at JIIT serves as a pivotal platform for both students and faculty members from JIIT and other Jaypee Universities to engage in incubation activities. Operating as a registered legal entity with clearly outlined incubation objectives, the hub occupies a space spanning 15,000 square feet. Within this space, it offers various amenities such as start-up cubicles, collaboration areas, Innovation Laboratories, and other essential facilities tailored for start-up ventures, pre-start-up endeavors, and innovation projects. RIDE is fully equipped to provide comprehensive support to incubates, encompassing legal, business, and technical mentorship, aimed at assisting them in accomplishing their technical and business objectives effectively.

Edusphere's Strengths

Enhanced Research Skills

Structured programs deepen students' research methodologies and critical thinking.

Research Publication Support

Students receive assistance in publishing findings in academic journals and presenting at conferences.

Innovative Solutions

Students apply knowledge to real-world issues, creating prototypes and solutions.

Intellectual Property Creation

Support is provided for patents and copyrights.

Startup Support

Aspiring entrepreneurs receive resources to launch ventures.

Industry Collaborations

Students engage in research with industry partners, facilitating technology transfer

Overall, the RIDE program at JIIT fosters a vibrant research and innovation ecosystem, empowering student leaders.